November 1st, 2015

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After such a horrible day yesterday with the wind and rain, to be able to wake up and see such bright sunshine was a huge relief! I packed up my gear to get ready for a family session with my close friends and their children. Germain park was my destination for the session. Fresh leaves had fallen on the ground and even though some leaves were still wet the ground wasn’t as wet as we thought. We walked into an open area surrounded by trees and a tremendous amount of leaves to begin our session.

The four children (Joel, Denton, Zoe-Lyn, and Delia) all were ready to get pictures started to get them over with. Miss Delia made sure that I fought hard to get a smile from her the entire time, but my efforts were not wasted. Bev and Tim watched as I played and made funny faces with their children in all efforts to make it as comfortable as possible for them. Just as we were about to call it quits, Denton began making a pile of leaves to “turtle” in so I began to help him make his pile higher to get THE leaf jumping picture that all the parents rave about.

When all was said and done and we were sitting around talking Tim decided to take Delia over to the leaf pile and sit her in it. She was laughing away at her daddy making funny noises and at the fact that she had just been placed in these weird things(her first time in leaves) and then she noticed the weird lady with the camera…..smiles were hid right then. After I recomposed myself from laughing at her serious face, we packed up and called it a day. Sitting at my computer watching the images import to my laptop for post processing I feel a sense of pride over these images. Such a beautiful family and they chose me to capture these images for them.

As I sit here writing this blog entry, I have selected a few images for you all to enjoy from today’s family session. Upcoming blog posts consist of a cake smash, 1 month session and the Christmas Mini Session special I have currently running! Check out social media for more details!

Bev and Delila


Bev tries to get Delia to laugh so that she is smiling for at least one photo.

GWP3244-copy Resized

Zoe-Lyn poses against a tree like her brothers did for her individual portrait.

GWP3187 Resized

Siblings! These kids have a bond so strong.

GWP3361-copy Resized

Little Miss. Delia playing in the leaves for the first time!

GWP3339-copy Resized

Joel, Zoe-Lyn and Denton take a leap into the big leaf pile.

GWP3316 Resized

Denton and Joel, brothers by choice and a bond so strong.

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