Holiday Mini’s!

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It’s that time of year! We are all waiting for snow to come and land on the ground, children are behaving themselves extra in hopes of lots of goodies from Santa. The holiday’s are a time to spend with loved ones and to treasure what we have. This season, I offered Holiday mini’s in the studio to help spread some Holiday cheer around. The families that came in were such a joy to capture. It was so much fun seeing their outfits, their smiles, and their love for one another.
But with this school term coming to a close, I have realized Christmas is coming very quickly. It’s time for setting up the tree, buying and wrapping gifts for my six year old step-daughter, and waiting patiently for snow to fall so I can go snowmobiling. Although, it’s been a ridiculously mild December thus far, so much so that we haven’t even turned on the heat yet!! As the year comes to a close, I sit here thinking about all I have gained this past year. All that I have been through, earned, the people I have met, the plans I have made…it’s a lot. This past year has been difficult, and trying, but oh so rewarding. I had the privilege of meeting so many new clients, photographing some spectacular weddings, and making some great friends. I also got my first big studio space!

The studio is located in the basement of my home and I am so thrilled to have the space for my clients to come. I am no longer struggling for space or where to setup. I have both the space and a place to setup all my stuff. Props, equipment, paperwork, and the best part of it all…I get to hang my work on my walls. There is such a huge pride seeing your work hung on the wall, be it your own, or in a clients home. The best feeling of all is knowing that I have achieved so much this past year, all to make the Growing Wings experience better for all of you, my clients.

I will leave you with some images from the last two Holiday mini’s that I completed, to share some Holiday cheer. Stay tuned for some sneaks from a boudoir session that I did recently as well!

SM2 copySM4 copy

Amber came in for Holiday pictures with her two handsome sons!

_GWP5214 copy

Miss Aurora’s first Christmas photo.

_GWP5313 copy

Miss Aurora tries a candy cane for the first time.

_GWP5317 copy

“What do you mean I have to take off the plastic?!”

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