A week into the final term!

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Well I have started my final term at Lambton. What a week! Not only was it busy and filled with lots of new classes and assignments, but it was also freezing cold! With the first week back out of way we are onto week two with a fierce start. Two feet on the ground and ready to take this term head on. Plans for my final gallery are slowly being put into place as well, with all the minor details being discussed and planned. It’s very exciting to think in just a couple months I will be hosting my own gallery and it will be the end of term.

Last week, we were given an assignment to shoot an egg on white. The point of this assignment is to create definition around the egg and to not lose the texture of it while shooting. We had specific guidelines for each shot we did, however we were given creative control with the final three shots.

CodlingMayginEgg5 copyThis image here, was created using side light. I saw duct tape sitting on the table and found it hilarious at the face I had drawn on the egg prior. He had to be held hostage!!

After a day full of shooting on Friday, I came home to come across this FLUFFY puppy! Teddy, a 10 week old Norwegian Elkhound, is such a ball of fluff and energy! After asking his owner for permission, we decided to take him out in the snow for some fun with my 6 year old step-daughter. We had so much fun and I just had to pull out my camera to capture Teddy playing with her.

_GWP6511 copy _GWP6506 copyTeddy is absolutely adorable!

After having a fun filled weekend with my family I was back at school yesterday. I made a model call at the end of last week to try and find a dancer for a final gallery piece. Last night, I shot in the college studio to create one of my pieces for my gallery. Now, I will not share the images that are prospects for the gallery, you will have to come out to see them! I will share a few images that I was working on today, however. Kennady, was such a doll during the shoot. She was on point(dancer’s pun), and so full of energy! I know very little when it comes to dancing, but she was patient and more than happy to just go through the motions and have some fun! I have never laughed so hard during a session before, even though I struggled with the fog machine and could not get it to work.

_GWP6759 copy _GWP6774 copy17 year old, Kennady.


All in all this first week back at school has been busy! I have been catching up on all the inquiries that have came in over the past couple days and I will be responding to your emails as well. Remember my January promotion is still running, but it will be done at the end of the month! Tell all your engaged friends/family about the promotion and if they book successfully YOU will receive 20% OFF your session(website promo only)!!

I will talk to you all soon! Have a great week everyone!


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