Plans in the making!

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As we approach the end of our first week in February, I feel accomplished! It has been a very productive week. I have chosen the venue for my final gallery, decided and sketched out the other images that are being shot for my gallery and painted my table numbers for my wedding! All in all, I feel very productive.

Speaking of productive, I have booked a wedding for the beginning of December at a GORGEOUS venue in Windsor! The couple was so much fun to work with and I cannot wait for their engagement session in November! They brought their daughter and she was SOOOOO energetic! I was smiling the entire time and couldn’t help laughing with her.

So sadly, I cannot share the images I have been working on for the final gallery as they are still in the works and I truly want to create some suspense! However, I will include an image that I shot of a classmate of mine. Jodi was such a hoot to photograph. We always have so much fun when in the same room.


Jodi Tamminga, models for her business portrait.

Have a great weekend everyone!

To watch your family grow is a blessing, to capture them growing through photographs is a treasure.

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