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With the completion of the semester fast approaching, it has been super busy around here. On April 1st, 2016 I will be hosting my first ever Fine Art Gallery! Images have been worked on furiously and the plans and prints are being adjusted and made. It’s been a thrill seeing such amazing pieces get printed by myself and placed into their frames. With snacks, music and great conversation this gallery will be my first, but not my last, gallery. I have high hopes to make this an annual event.

Up In Smoke is a Fine Art Gallery based around my award winning piece “Poisoned Apple”. With smoke, fog, and destruction this gallery is to make the mind work and wonder. Majority of the images are stop motion, which is the freezing of a substance, with a flash. The flash can be a off camera flash, or studio strobes and when used right it can freeze anything to allow for that moment to literally be stopped.

So, you may be wondering where this event is and the rest of the details. Well, wait no further!!

Bayside Mall Food Court, Sarnia, Ontario onĀ April 1st from 5pm-10pm. You can access the unit from any of the entrances at the mall, however, the entrance off of Christina Street next to the Trinity Lounge is the closest entrance.

On a side note, I had the pleasure of photographing a return client and their growing family! The Pettit’s returned to the studio for a session with the newest member of their family, Daisy. Angela and Nolan’s daughter Tallulah was extremely excited to be able to show off her newest sister. With tonnes of kisses and giggles she had so much fun with us and when the camera was too much for her she decided to sit with me and take pictures of her parents with her little sister. I think I may have a little assistant on my hands!! It’s my pleasure to be able to capture such great moments for growing families and it’s always a great joy seeing them come back.


Miss. Tallulah sat in the chair like a big girl and had so much fun!


Mommy, Angela, and Tallulah smile pretty for the camera.


The Pettit Family!


Daddy, Nolan, and Daisy(the newest addition).


Little Miss. Daisy.


~To watch your family grow is a blessing, to capture them growing through photographs is a treasure.

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