Preparation For April 1st

March 10, 2016 Maygin General 0 comments

Everything has been extremely busy here at Growing Wings Photography. With preparation for our first Fine Art Gallery event on April 1st, 2016 we are super busy creating, editing, printing and framing our images for the big night. The creativity has been lacking as of lately due to how busy we are. However, this Sunday I am photographing 3 dancers(Kennady is coming back!!) and I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to shoot with these lovely ladies. The grace and poise that is presented by these ladies is amazing! I am extremely excited to see these ladies all in the studio!  PLUS, I have Easter Mini sessions happening the following weekend!

Today I am going to leave you with one of the Fine Art/Macro piece I have been working on, in preparation for my gallery piece. It is called Nicotine!

Feature photo is Smoldering Love Pt 2.

_GWP7561 copy


~To watch your family grow is a blessing, to capture them growing through photographs is a treasure.

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