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Ladies and gentlemen, the big day draws near! This Friday is the grand opening and it is going to be absolutely amazing! We have music, snacks, punch, but most of all…amazing photographs!!
Lately, hours have been of the question for the duration that we are in the Bayside Mall. So I have them for you all!


Friday April 1st: 5pm-10pm
Saturday April 2nd & 9th: 10am-5pm
Sunday April 3rd & 10th: CLOSED
Monday April 4th & 11th: 1pm-5pm
Tuesday April 5th & 12th: 12pm-5pm
Wednesday April 6th & 13th: 10am-12pm
Thursday April 7th & 14th: 10am-12pm
Friday April 8th & 15th: CLOSED

I look forward to seeing you all there! Thank you so much for your support!



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