The End Of College

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During my final weeks at Lambton College, there was a lot of chaos and clutter in my life. After making sure all my final assignments were submitted and projects were complete I took a point of realizing all that I accomplished this term. In the final term Lambton College hosts an annual “Image Challenge” amongst the students in their grades. We were required to submit 5 images between three categories. Out of the 21 students in my class I won 1st Place Best Overall in the Image Challenge Awards this year. It is with great pride that I accepted this final award from Lambton College and from my amazing professors. I will cherish this immensely.


Out of this term I created many amazing photographs, hosted a gallery, created and executed the presentation of a professional business plan, and then completed my program with amazing grades. To my professors, I want to thank for all of their help, perseverance and pushing me to where I am today. I always know I can do better and can always learn new things. I will never stop learning.


On April 26th I had the opportunity of photographing a beautiful Highland Dancer named, Kensie. The outfits were so beautiful and bright and I was mesmerized by the dances she performed. She showed up with a giant duffle bag in tow and I was amazed at how she was able to carry such a big case. Little did I know that once she got upstairs to the studio was that it converted into a rack to hang the dresses and outfits off of! The ease that she set up that dresses and such was quite remarkable. In a matter of minutes she was set up and into her first outfit, and then she was into and out of three more outfits before I could blink-it seemed. The session went so quickly that it was over before I knew it!







Thank you all for supporting me throughout the past two years through the journey in Digital Photography Program at Lambton College.




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