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Majority of the population walk by street vendors and don’t take a second look. They may look at them briefly and glance at their work, but to actually look and see the work that goes into each piece, to take the time and talk to the vendors is a rare thing. In Niagara Falls, ON majority of the tourists are there for the falls, the maid of the mist, or Clifton Hill. Not many think to look down or walk around streets that are surrounding the area.


On my honeymoon I made a point of stopping and talking to a gentleman who was doing sand art along the strip where we were staying. Magic Sand Art was the place we stopped and my husband did what he does best and was talking to the shop owner. While doing so, I took the opportunity to watch the artist, Jamal, work on a piece we had purchased for our newlywed friends back home. The delicacy in his hands working on such a small piece was amazing. The speed at which he proceeded and completed the pieces blew my mind.


Supporting small businesses has always been a main focus of mine as I am also a small business owner. I know how much word of mouth can spread and how positive it can be for your business and how it can bring new customers in. To be able to photograph this gentleman working on his pieces on the street in front of his building was a privilege that I am so thankful to be able to have captured.


So if you are ever in Niagara Falls, ON, Canada…go onto Victoria Ave and find this gentleman! He has so many lovely pieces of work and so many different designs, shapes and sizes. You will be so impressed if you take five minutes out of your day to stop, watch him work and purchase a beautiful hand made item.


Here are just a few images from me taking 5 minutes of my time to talk to and get to know this owner/artist.





Support Local!


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