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September 13, 2016 Maygin Uncategorised 0 comments

It has been a super busy couple weeks here and with being so busy I have been slacking on blog posts. So here is a giant update!

To start off I photographed my darling friend’s baby boy, Noah. I met Noah when he was less than a day old and photographed him not much longer after that. He was such a sweetheart that took some coaxing to settle down.


I then proceeded to go and photograph two maternity sessions, multiple newborn sessions and then a engagement session in Niagara Falls. I have had so much fun this past month and it has been so busy but everything is slowly settling down, which means more blog posts.

sm5 Jeff and Jordan spend a moment revelling in the fact that they soon will be parents.

_gwp1198 Desiree holds her belly tightly in the warmth of the setting sun.

sm5 A warm night along the beach for the kids to play.

sm2-5 Jordan and Rachel take a moment to pause.

sm1-2 It’s all in the details.

sm4 In daddy’s arms, safe she will be.

sm2-4 Baby Nicholas holds tight to his baseball.

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