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“If I hate my body, I am hating the thing that my children had a hand in creating. If the things my children create are beautiful and meaningful, than so must my body be.” ~Author Unknown

This past week I created an extremely powerful image for one of my closest friends. We created an image for her to love and cherish her postpartum body. For her to look at and see what her two girls helped create. Ainsley had difficult pregnancies with both of her children, being hospitalized multiple times and having health issues come up with each pregnancy. After the birth of her daughter, Layla, she was again hospitalized for multiple days with a horrible infection which led to excruciating pain and her not being able to see her girls as much as she wanted to. For someone who is trying to help her toddler adjust to having a new baby in the house and wanting to spend time with her newest addition to her family, that can be very stressful on the system. Both mentally, and physically. Ainsley is one of the few women I know who can tackle something like this head on and want to bring out the positive from the situation. Knowing that with each pregnancy she has more hardships, puts a heavy weight on her shoulders like no other.


“I think all the issues I keep having when pregnant is a sign my body is giving me to be done having kids.” Ainsley stated while planning out the special image. When asked how it makes her feel that her body reacts that way it does with pregnancies, both during and postpartum, her response brought tears to my eyes. “Happy. Because I ended up with 2 beautiful and healthy girls. But this last infection scared me when I ended up in the ICU for 3 days and all I could think about was what if something happens to me. Like, as rough as they are…they came out perfect.”


And perfection is correct. I am proud to share with you the image that Ainsley created and I was able to help her capture. Welcome #takingbackpostpartum


“Love your body for what it bares. For me it was 2 beautiful girls and even though I have dark eyes, belly that hangs over my “mom jeans”, my stretch marks make me look like a raisin…this is what my body gifted me.” Ainsley states as words of advice for those struggling.

And finally, a piece of my dearest friends perfection to share with you all!!


#normalizebreastfeeding  Ainsley feeding her newest addition, Layla.


sm3 Layla

Gorgeous Miss. Layla!! The most recent piece of perfection in Ainsley’s life.


Aurora and Layla. “They are literally my night and day and are my whole life.” ~Ainsley.

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