It’s that time of year! We are all waiting for snow to come and land on the ground, children are behaving themselves extra in hopes of lots of goodies from Santa. The holiday’s are a time to spend with loved ones and to treasure what we have. This season, I offered Holiday mini’s in the studio to help spread some Holiday cheer around. The families that came in were such a joy to capture. It was so much fun seeing their outfits, their smiles, and their love for one another. But with this school term coming to a close, I have realized Christmas is coming very quickly. It’s time for setting up the tree, buying and wrapping gifts for my six year old step-daughter, and waiting patiently for snow to fall so I can go snowmobiling. Although, it’s been a ridiculously mild December thus far, so much so that we haven’t even turned on the heat yet!! As the year comes to a close, I sit here thinking about all I have gained this past year. All that I have been through, earned, the people I have met, the plans I have made…it’s a lot. This past year has been […] Read More


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So many new things going on at Growing Wings Photography! I framed a bunch of prints and hung them in the studio and have also had the privilege of shooting multiple sessions. I have shot Holiday Mini’s, 2 month old and family sessions and some portraits as well. Such amazing pictures that I cannot wait to share with you all. Absolutely in love with the images and I am sure you all will be too. I will be sharing very soon. So stay tuned!! Read More

November 1st, 2015

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After such a horrible day yesterday with the wind and rain, to be able to wake up and see such bright sunshine was a huge relief! I packed up my gear to get ready for a family session with my close friends and their children. Germain park was my destination for the session. Fresh leaves had fallen on the ground and even though some leaves were still wet the ground wasn’t as wet as we thought. We walked into an open area surrounded by trees and a tremendous amount of leaves to begin our session. The four children (Joel, Denton, Zoe-Lyn, and Delia) all were ready to get pictures started to get them over with. Miss Delia made sure that I fought hard to get a smile from her the entire time, but my efforts were not wasted. Bev and Tim watched as I played and made funny faces with their children in all efforts to make it as comfortable as possible for them. Just as we were about to call it quits, Denton began making a pile of leaves to “turtle” in so I began to help him make his pile higher to get THE leaf jumping picture that […] Read More