On July 22nd in Camalachie, ON it was one of the hottest days of the summer. It was also the day that Jordan married her best friend. Jordan and Jeff were married during an evening ceremony with their closest family and friends. The day was hot, there was sweat pouring down the groomsmen backs but so much fun was had! The beers were cold and there was bins of water for everyone to enjoy. It was a beautiful day where Jordan and Jeff joined together into one family along with Jeff’s son and their daughter, whose expected to make her arrival end of September. I had the immense pleasure to capture this day for them and it was amazing. At the end of the evening, I decided to fracture my ankle, however, which has left me in a brace-BUT it will not keep me from working! I have wedding’s coming up and beach mini sessions. Take it easy and keep cool! ~Maygin     This shot(above) was the one I was shooting when I slipped and gained a hairline fracture. “I do it for the art!” Read More
Majority of the population walk by street vendors and don’t take a second look. They may look at them briefly and glance at their work, but to actually look and see the work that goes into each piece, to take the time and talk to the vendors is a rare thing. In Niagara Falls, ON majority of the tourists are there for the falls, the maid of the mist, or Clifton Hill. Not many think to look down or walk around streets that are surrounding the area.   On my honeymoon I made a point of stopping and talking to a gentleman who was doing sand art along the strip where we were staying. Magic Sand Art was the place we stopped and my husband did what he does best and was talking to the shop owner. While doing so, I took the opportunity to watch the artist, Jamal, work on a piece we had purchased for our newlywed friends back home. The delicacy in his hands working on such a small piece was amazing. The speed at which he proceeded and completed the pieces blew my mind.   Supporting small businesses has always been a main focus of mine […] Read More
Music started, the bridesmaids lined up, and Holly(maid of honour) reached back to grab the bride’s hand to make sure she was ready to go. After everyone was to the front, the father of the bride looked at her and asked “Are you ready?”. Not being able to speak, a simple nod was all that was needed. The lights were low, candles lit, and there he was…at the front of the hall with tears in his eyes-her groom. The ceremony started and they began the biggest adventure ever-marriage!   I did it, I got married! June 18th, 2016 was the day that I married my best friend and the man of my dreams. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful ceremony. My bridesmaids all looked amazing as did my step-daughter, Ava in their beautiful dresses. Getting ready was chaotic near the end, when the hair dresser, Kathrine, and makeup artist, Darby, ended up both working on myself at the same time to allow for more time getting into my dress.   Formals were done at Germain Park in Sarnia, ON. It was beautiful, green and quiet. Family formals were completed relatively quickly and that’s all with great thanks to […] Read More
I have had the privilege of photographing little Miss. Aurora since she was born. The ability to capture a child growing is the best feeling in the world. I have been able to watch her talk, crawl, try to walk and just become more beautiful with each day! I love that I have chosen this career and am able to capture such precious moments with you all. I will be taking the next two weeks off for my wedding and honeymoon! I will be answering inquiries and emails when I return. Thank you all for being so understanding. Read More
Today, May 27th, is my birthday! Happy 25th birthday to me! What am I doing to celebrate you ask? Well, I am doing something for you! A special surprise for those clients whom are debating on booking, but haven’t yet. BIRTHDAY SPECIAL: 50% OFF any Products, prints, necklaces, keychains, etc! This offer is only valid for the remainder of the month! But wait, there’s more! Any session BOOKED ON OR AFTER May 27th until May 31st will receive 25% off their session! This can apply to a wedding next year, a maternity session later this summer, or anything you wish! CONTACT TODAY TO BOOK! Reminder that Growing Wings Photography will be CLOSED from June 11th thru 25th for my wedding and honeymoon. Yes, you read right…I am getting married! Booking availability prior to the wedding is very little so book today! Little Miss. Paisley was a recent newborn that came to visit in studio. Mr. Colton came by and was not monkeying around at all. Read More
Exhaustion! The feeling that you must keep pushing forward and a million things are on your to do list, but you just want to sleep. While sitting in class listening to the teacher talk about introductions, my limbs feel super heavy and my eyes are fighting to keep open. The constant running around and going non-stop is necessary to complete our final term in the Digital Photography Program. One of the requirements is to execute and host a final gallery of images to display to the public for the duration of two weeks. This is what has stolen all of my energy and time. Stolen like a mother’s time when she holds her newborn child to only blink and see them running off to college. I have no time for work, friends, even my family; this is what destroys me the most, knowing that I cannot talk to my little girl about her day or help her with her homework.   January 11, 2016 was the beginning of the end, the final term in a two-year program at Lambton College. It was the first week back to school after a nice winter vacation and we were given our main assignment […] Read More
During my final weeks at Lambton College, there was a lot of chaos and clutter in my life. After making sure all my final assignments were submitted and projects were complete I took a point of realizing all that I accomplished this term. In the final term Lambton College hosts an annual “Image Challenge” amongst the students in their grades. We were required to submit 5 images between three categories. Out of the 21 students in my class I won 1st Place Best Overall in the Image Challenge Awards this year. It is with great pride that I accepted this final award from Lambton College and from my amazing professors. I will cherish this immensely.   Out of this term I created many amazing photographs, hosted a gallery, created and executed the presentation of a professional business plan, and then completed my program with amazing grades. To my professors, I want to thank for all of their help, perseverance and pushing me to where I am today. I always know I can do better and can always learn new things. I will never stop learning.   On April 26th I had the opportunity of photographing a beautiful Highland Dancer named, […] Read More
On April 24th, 2016 in a galaxy far far away(Sarnia, ON) two forces came together to join ranks on the dark side. The storm troopers stood over the ceremony to allow Darth Vadar(Hoss) the opportunity to marry the love of his life, Melissa. The day was filled with laughter, smiles, and dancing. Two of my best friends were married this day and to be able to capture it was such a blessing. My fiancé was able to stand in the bridal party by Hoss’ side to assist him in making the big step to marry Melissa. The Guildwood Inn was absolutely amazing and had a beautiful setup for this Star Wars themed wedding. G & L Rocks DJ Services helped rock the night away and Ruthless Baker make an amazing R2D2 cake with Yoda cupcakes that were delicious. It was an amazing wedding that I was very excited to be able to capture. Below are a few sneaks from their wedding day. You may now kiss the bride. The flower girl fell and wanted her mom and with the perfect timing I captured her beautiful eyes. First dance as husband and wife…under some bubbles courtesy of R2D2 bubble machine! A […] Read More
Growing Wings Photography Promo Video from Maygin Codling on Vimeo.   25% off prints and products when you book a session using promo code: PROMOVIDEO16 *Offered only via website!* Read More

Thank You!

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It’s been a week since my grand opening at Bayside Mall in Sarnia, ON. It has been an extremely busy week between school, projects and gallery opening. I want to take this moment to thank all the guests who came by to view my images over the past week. To those whom purchased prints, thank you very much! I had some surprise visitors who came that didn’t know if they could make it down, my aunt and uncle and soon to be mother-in-law came by. I appreciated the flowers I received as well from my parents, mother-in-law and a loyal client of mine. They are absolutely beautiful! Tomorrow, we will have a relaunch for our final week open. Saturday April 9th, 2016 from 10-6pm we will be open and we hope to see you all out again! Prints are going to be for sale and discounted for the final week open! They are regularly $125 but will be docked down to $100 framed! WHAT?!! I’ll say it again: framed images from my gallery are originally $125 but will be docked down to $100! Better yet…..BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF!!! Here are the hours for the final week: Saturday: 10-6pm […] Read More