Ladies and gentlemen, the big day draws near! This Friday is the grand opening and it is going to be absolutely amazing! We have music, snacks, punch, but most of all…amazing photographs!! Lately, hours have been of the question for the duration that we are in the Bayside Mall. So I have them for you all!   Friday April 1st: 5pm-10pm Saturday April 2nd & 9th: 10am-5pm Sunday April 3rd & 10th: CLOSED Monday April 4th & 11th: 1pm-5pm Tuesday April 5th & 12th: 12pm-5pm Wednesday April 6th & 13th: 10am-12pm Thursday April 7th & 14th: 10am-12pm Friday April 8th & 15th: CLOSED I look forward to seeing you all there! Thank you so much for your support!   ~Maygin Read More
What do you get when you put a group of young ladies, music, dancing and a photographer together?   You get an amazing shoot! This is exactly what happened this past Sunday with myself. I had the privilege of working with three young dancers(all from different genres) that brought a lot of spunk and laughter to the studio. Kennady, whom I have previously worked with, came back and this time we brought along two extra energetic dancers. Tatum and Ariana are two young ladies that were more than willing to do whatever I requested from them. I had music playing and the girls were dancing along and having so much fun.   We used a six light set-up to light the cove(a panoramic studio to create a constant horizon) that allowed for the background to be 100% white. This created flawless images, which I am extremely proud to share with you all. Please enjoy these images while I work away on editing galleries and preparing for next Friday’s opening night for the gallery. Kennady models for the second time this year both formally and informally. Ariana shows her flexibility during our session! Tatum poses in her urban outfit and looks […] Read More
Everything has been extremely busy here at Growing Wings Photography. With preparation for our first Fine Art Gallery event on April 1st, 2016 we are super busy creating, editing, printing and framing our images for the big night. The creativity has been lacking as of lately due to how busy we are. However, this Sunday I am photographing 3 dancers(Kennady is coming back!!) and I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to shoot with these lovely ladies. The grace and poise that is presented by these ladies is amazing! I am extremely excited to see these ladies all in the studio!  PLUS, I have Easter Mini sessions happening the following weekend! Today I am going to leave you with one of the Fine Art/Macro piece I have been working on, in preparation for my gallery piece. It is called Nicotine! Feature photo is Smoldering Love Pt 2.   ~To watch your family grow is a blessing, to capture them growing through photographs is a treasure. Read More
With the completion of the semester fast approaching, it has been super busy around here. On April 1st, 2016 I will be hosting my first ever Fine Art Gallery! Images have been worked on furiously and the plans and prints are being adjusted and made. It’s been a thrill seeing such amazing pieces get printed by myself and placed into their frames. With snacks, music and great conversation this gallery will be my first, but not my last, gallery. I have high hopes to make this an annual event. Up In Smoke is a Fine Art Gallery based around my award winning piece “Poisoned Apple”. With smoke, fog, and destruction this gallery is to make the mind work and wonder. Majority of the images are stop motion, which is the freezing of a substance, with a flash. The flash can be a off camera flash, or studio strobes and when used right it can freeze anything to allow for that moment to literally be stopped. So, you may be wondering where this event is and the rest of the details. Well, wait no further!! Bayside Mall Food Court, Sarnia, Ontario on April 1st from 5pm-10pm. You can access the unit from […] Read More
Models, models everywhere!! The most exciting part of working in the photography business is all the people we get to meet. Over the past week I have had the pleasure of photographing multiple models, and it was so much fun! We worked on different lighting styles and poses for multiple different models. We had the pleasure of enjoying the company of some aesthetician and hairstyling students as some of our models and we also enjoyed some family and friends of the students in the Digital Photography program all as our models. Time to talk about the progression of a shoot! When you first bring a client into the studio, or meet up with them on location, the first thing you want to do is make them feel comfortable. The model should feel relaxed in your presence. At Growing Wings we pride ourselves on taking the first five to ten minutes talking to our clients to make them feel comfortable and relaxed. When we begin shooting I tend to keep the conversation flowing and provide minimal posing help, however, some models require a little more assistance with posing. When this happens I make sure that the client stays relaxed while I mirror […] Read More
As we approach the end of our first week in February, I feel accomplished! It has been a very productive week. I have chosen the venue for my final gallery, decided and sketched out the other images that are being shot for my gallery and painted my table numbers for my wedding! All in all, I feel very productive. Speaking of productive, I have booked a wedding for the beginning of December at a GORGEOUS venue in Windsor! The couple was so much fun to work with and I cannot wait for their engagement session in November! They brought their daughter and she was SOOOOO energetic! I was smiling the entire time and couldn’t help laughing with her. So sadly, I cannot share the images I have been working on for the final gallery as they are still in the works and I truly want to create some suspense! However, I will include an image that I shot of a classmate of mine. Jodi was such a hoot to photograph. We always have so much fun when in the same room. Jodi Tamminga, models for her business portrait. Have a great weekend everyone! To watch your family grow is a […] Read More
Well I have started my final term at Lambton. What a week! Not only was it busy and filled with lots of new classes and assignments, but it was also freezing cold! With the first week back out of way we are onto week two with a fierce start. Two feet on the ground and ready to take this term head on. Plans for my final gallery are slowly being put into place as well, with all the minor details being discussed and planned. It’s very exciting to think in just a couple months I will be hosting my own gallery and it will be the end of term. Last week, we were given an assignment to shoot an egg on white. The point of this assignment is to create definition around the egg and to not lose the texture of it while shooting. We had specific guidelines for each shot we did, however we were given creative control with the final three shots. This image here, was created using side light. I saw duct tape sitting on the table and found it hilarious at the face I had drawn on the egg prior. He had to be held hostage!! […] Read More

2015 In Review

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2015 was a great year. Not only did we gain studio space, but we also had tonnes of new clients become welcomed into the GWP family. This past year was a year of growth; not only in my knowledge, but also in products, space, and sessions offered. I have made many new friends this year and I am thrilled to be able to share with you a select few images from the sessions I have done this year. I am overwhelmed with joy at the number of clients and how you all are growing with me each day. I have watched clients grow, families grow and children take their first steps. Being able to watch my clients children grow and be able to document it has meant the world to me. So here is a select few of my sessions from 2015 that I would like to share with you. 2016 has begun and along with it has come some big things. I start back to school on Monday and with that my availability for sessions will become less, BUT I will still be working as full-time as I can on my business and sessions. In April I will end […] Read More
Well ladies and gents, it’s nearing the end of 2015. This year has been a year of growth and changes. We have grown in clientele, size, products, and our studio space! I am thrilled at the amount of GWP clients that we have gained this past year and the amount of repeat clients, also. I have seen so many families grow over the past year and seen their little ones smile and begin walking all right before my eyes. I had a client start off at a 3 month session at the beginning of the year and recently did her cake smash(12 months) and her Christmas Mini session!! She’s walking and running around and there is no stopping her! I also met brand new families that are super thrilled to be GWP clients! The new year has a lot of possibilities and growth already being planned!! GWP merchandise, canvas’, leather bound albums, and much more!! I wish everyone a safe and happy New Year and I cannot wait to see you all in 2016! I have a wedding promotion going on right now! View the image at the top of the blog for details. This promotion is a NEW YEARS […] Read More
For those who did not get the holiday reference in the title(12 days of Christmas), it’s Christmas Eve!! Time for Santa to come and bring goodies to all the good girls and boys, time for parents to struggle to get their children tucked into bed and calmed down, and for the blessed time spent with family! Although, without the snow this year and the spring-like weather it has been very hard to get into the Christmas spirit. None-the-less Christmas is tomorrow! Luckily for myself, I got to spend this last week taking photos for lots of families and I enjoyed seeing the smiles on all the children’s faces. One of the sessions I am going to share with you today, is of a close friend’s first family photos. Remington Patrick Rowe was born on December 1st, 2015 to the proud, first time parents, Jonathon and Julia. The ability to capture these images made my heart swell. The love that I could feel being emitted between the two of these new parents towards their son, had me overwhelmed with joy. Remington is a lucky boy and I am super blessed to be able to capture such precious moments for this new […] Read More